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Coffees & Roasts

Donut Shop Blend

Authentic Donut Shop Blend’s please-all taste profile and appealing retro packaging have made it one of our bestselling blends and a favorite in mugs everywhere.

Arrow Espresso

Arrow Espresso is a modern interpretation on a classic Italian espresso. All of the coffees used in our Arrow Espresso were selected to contribute to its caramel flavors and sweet, buttery finish. These beans are hand-picked from high-altitude Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Latin America.

Brazil Boa Vista Valley

The coffees that are produced in the Boa Vista Valley region of Brazil are all family farmed. They like to focus their energy on harvesting smaller lots of coffee that have particularly unique flavors. Tasting notes: Caramel, nuts, a hint of acidity

Guatemala Finca La Soledad

This well-balanced, clean-tasting coffee features notes of toasted walnut and cocoa powder, with undertones of sweet, juicy cherries. Certified by the Rainforest Alliance, La Soledad adheres to stringent environmental, labor and community standards.

Firefly Decaf (Swiss Water Process)

“We roast Firefly to a medium level to accentuate its buttery body and caramelized sugar flavors. With its dark chocolate notes and clean finish, this decaffeinated coffee is ideal for traditional drip and espresso brewing.



Organic Breakfast

A hearty, full-bodied blend of organic black teas from Assam, Hunan, and Yunnan.

Organic Earl Grey

Organic black teas from Assam and Hunan blended with oil of bergamot and a touch of vanilla.

Organic Vanilla Rooibos

Organic rooibos from South Africa, with natural vanilla for a mellow, round cup.

Sencha Green

A smoky, pan fired green tea from the Hunan province of China makes for a classic flavour profile.

Sweet Hibiscus Herbal

Hibiscus flowers are blended with black currant and rose petals for a tart, syrupy cup.


A pouchong green tea from Fujian Province, hand rolled into pearls and combined with the essence of Jasmine for a delicate, sweet

Organic Chai

Organic Assam and Hunan black teas blended with organic ginger root, sweet cinnamon, clove, and black pepper for a spicy finish.


Oregon-grown Peppermint leaves deliver a strong menthol hit with a creamy finish.

Hot Drinks

White Hot Chocolate

Made with a creamy white chocolate sauce, this sweet white hot chocolate is the perfect drink to sit back and relax with. It pairs great with a salty or bitter pastry.

Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolate is not to be underestimated. We use elegant, creamy milk chocolate syrup and warm frothed milk to deliver a rich and delicious hot chocolate.

London Fog Tea Latte

Based with an Earl Grey tea pouch, the tea is stepped in hot water and infused with some vanilla flavoring then topped generously with frothed milk to create a warm and delicious drink. *Can be made with other teas available in store.

Chai Fog

Based with a Chai tea pouch, the tea is stepped in hot water and infused with some vanilla flavoring then topped generously with frothed milk to create a spicy and velvety drink.

Espresso Based

Grab a single, double or triple long or short shot of our elegant and rich tasting espresso bar Italia espresso. Escape in the aromas, indulge in the generous crema and Basque in the European glory.

Caffe Espresso

Our dark roast coffee is poured over our freshly pressed espresso and mixes into a robust and flavorful cup of specialty coffee.


Based with a shot of espresso and then filled with frothed milk to create a foamy, creamy, velvety drink.


Based with a shot of espresso and then filled with very hot water to deliver a pungent, dark coffee drink.


Based with a shot of espresso and then filled with frothed milk foam and a bit of frothed milk for a very foamy, topping worthy, delightful drink.


A short espresso shot topped with frothed foam and milk.

Con Panna

A short espresso shot topped with handmade whipped cream.

Flat White

A perfectly balanced espresso to frothed milk drink that does not undermine your expectations.

Cold Drinks

Iced Coffee

Pour any of our superior quality coffees over ice for a refreshing and bold drink. You can then add some milk or any flavorings you would like!

Iced Tea

We can steep any of the teas available in store and pour it over ice for delicious and sweet iced tea! Try with our wild berry hibiscus or our green tea with a peach flavor shot!

Iced Latte

Our iced lattes are made by pouring a shot of our ‘espresso bar Italia’ espresso over some milk and ice cubes followed by any flavorings you would like.  This creates a milky, strong, latte over ice!


Espresso, ice, milk, some white chocolate syrup and any flavours you want are added into a blender and shaken up to create our espresso blend. Like a coffee milkshake!


Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or any crazy flavor you can come up with! Our irresistible, creamy milkshakes are created by combining whichever flavor you would like with milk and ice cubes. Topped with handmade whipped cream, if you would like! Flavors to try: Cinnamon bun, Chocolate-Hazelnut, 

Italian Sodas

Try any of our flavors in a refreshing, sweet, ‘Italian Soda’. They are based with sweet syrups, followed by ice cubes and soda water.


Mixed berry

We use a fresh mixed berry puree, milk, ice cubes and some flavorings for this very refreshing delicious smoothie!


This smoothie combines citrusy mango puree with a passionfruit flavoring, milk and ice to create a symphony of refreshing, tropical flavors.


Strawberry puree is mixed with banana puree, milk and ice cubes for an fresh tasting, slightly sweet smoothie.


Blueberry puree is mixed with milk and ice cubes for a natural, light tasting smoothie. Best for a breakfast meal replacement!


Peach puree is mixed with milk and ice cubes for a tropical, sweet tasting smoothie.


Soup of the day

Minestrone, Cream of Broccoli, Cream of Mushroom or Tomato.


Italian Cheese

Available by the slice or full 18″take home size. Our cheese pizza is hand made in house and topped with fresh ingredients, mozzarella cheese and our delicious, house pizza sauce.

All Dressed

Available by the slice or full 18″take home size. Our all-dressed pizza is hand made in house and uses fresh all-dressed toppings such as: mushrooms, black olives, bell pepper and white onion with our house pizza sauce. 

Sandwich/Salad Bar

1. Choose either bread, tortilla wrap, or romaine lettuce, cold pasta, or chef’s choice salad.
2. Tell us what you would like on the sandwich, wrap, or salad. You have a limit of 5 topping choices for sandwiches and wraps, as well as large salad. 3 toppings maximum for a small salad.
3. Choose if you want a sauce / dressing
4. Tell us if you would like the sandwich or wrap grilled or it’s ready to go!
5. Pay at the register

Some topping choices include: Roasted pepper, onions, eggplant, zucchini or sweet potato, fresh pepper or onion, tuna spread, hard boiled egg spread, house made salsa or hummus, fresh tomato, fresh mushroom and pickles.
Some sauce choices include: Spicy mayonnaise, honey-garlic mayonnaise, mayonnaise, soya sauce, olive oil, italian dressing or balsamic dressing.





Cinnamon Danish

Colossal Brownie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Apple Strudel

Chocolat Danish


Apple Turnover

Chocolat Croissant

Cheese Danish